The Year the Mom Wrote the Christmas Letter

Happy Holidays 1998!

It’s that time of the year again, when the temperatures and my bank accounts drop, the Christmas lights and my alcohol tolerance go up, and the refrigerator doors and my immune system fill with sticky things brought home from preschool.  It’s a magical time, full of homemade glitter crafts and cookies with a mountain of frosting, and, of course, the beloved Christmas card letters from family and friends.

Since 1990, you have been receiving our delightfully and carefully edited version of our year (with a lovely picture of us all dressed alike) in your holly-covered mailboxes just in time for Christmas Day.  This year is a little different, however, as Tom (your usual Christmas Letter author) is away and left me in charge as editor-in-chief. As current editor-in-chief of 5 lives, I haven’t had time to turn around the shirt I have had on backwards all day, let alone time to write a Christmas Letter, but here we are.  

It’s my pleasure to inform you that 1998 has been an exciting one for our little family.  We all were fed, clothed and retained shelter for another year! Sophie is now 1, Joseph is 5 and Parker is 7.  Parker is doing excellent at school, meaning he can read and do all the normal things a normal 7 year old can do.  Joseph is a little shit. This is not unusual, as most 5 year old boys are little shits. Sophie says a few words, eats, sleeps, and poops.  Tom works in an office. I work at home to keep the kids from killing themselves on things like busy streets and sharp corners, over consuming Oreos and peanut butter, and choking on Lego and uncut grapes.  

Tom got a promotion this year for showing up to work everyday and doing his job.  I got a $5 haircut and a homemade card that I had to clean up the mess from after the kids finished making it.  So, it’s kind of the same.

I haven’t had time this year to source 5 matching and festive outfits, nor have I fixed the camera since Sophie decided to use it as a teething toy.  So, instead of a family picture, please accept this drawing by Joseph of our beautiful family.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.44.52 PM

Wishing you peace, love, joy, and naps,

The Willcott Family

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